PEER-meeting @ Anne Frank House

This was a tour and workshop at an historic place.  Do you want to know how it went? Marius Schwarz wrote a blog about the night!

Annefrank OUDAnne Frank is a jewish girl who had to go into hiding during the Second World War to escape the Nazis. We know a lot about her because she wrote a worldfamous diary during this period. She is an icon for idealists around the world and the house where she and her family went into hiding is a very good place to meet up and think, learn and talk about social inequality.

You will get a tour around the Anne Frank House (!!) and a workshop (!!) in which you learn to look at our own prejudices. This is something you don’t want to miss. It will be an informative and inspiring evening that won’t leave you unaffected. As always PEER-meetings are open for everyone who’s interested in bringing more social equality to our communities, society and world. And now for the first time also accesible for English-speaking people!

Afterwards we will talk further about what we learned / get to know each other better at Café de Prins at Prinsengracht 124.

Image: Bookcover Poole, Josephine. (2005) Anne Frank. Illustrations by Angela Barrett.

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